Fem Assembly is a feminist art collective, which consists of a core group of women and non-binary individuals, based in Calgary, Alberta. Each artist has their own individual practice, but as a collective we focus on exploring intersectional feminism and gender experiences. We aim to provide women, trans women, non-binary, and queer people a safe space for growth, community, and exhibition opportunities.

Fem Assembly is a collective, and was started with a couple studio mates meeting for a monthly critique. Founded and organized by Christina Krentz, together Fem has grown to include exhibitions and publications with a focus on intersectional feminism. In 2022, we received funding from Calgary Arts Development, to expand our initiative with the 'Friends of Fem' project. Our focus is to create a safe, welcoming space to share work, gain critical feedback, support each other, and explore feminism and gender oppression. We strive to achieve our shared and individual artistic development by hosting art critiques. As well, Fem Assembly occasionally produces a collective publication of original artwork made by each member of the collective.

Our topics that we explore through our work include: gender, sexuality, immigration, environmentalism, language, disability, oppression and inequalities, among others. The members of the collective come from diverse cultural backgrounds and communities, including POC, differently abled, immigrants, and LGBTQ2S+. Each of us bring our own perspectives on these matters and render them through diverse mediums and techniques. This includes drawings, illustrations, oil, acrylic and watercolour paintings, printmaking, sculpture, installation, ceramics and textiles. Despite the diversity in artistic practices, the work comes together, well-rounded by the common themes and experiences we share. This rich variety of interests and identities is what we consider to be the strength of our collective.